Tutoring and Coaching

Corporate Business Training in English and Spanish

Extensive corporate programs are offered to companies who want to train to their staff language skills either in English, Spanish or both. Either individually or in groups, all programs will be focused in the field of the company’s business, or more concretely on the department needs. Role models and practical exercises taylor made to the organisation, are also included, which maximises results. ​

Benefits from the methodology

Gradually introducing the student, to a new culture and mentality, due to the fact that same words, mean often different things in another language. Private one on one tutoring eliminates distractions, providing direct feedback, reducing non productive time. ​As classes are conducted by a native teacher, attention to specific “real talk” and other practical areas, where the student will need attention, will improve the student’s motivation. ​

Tuition from kids to adults

Private English or Spanish language classes, are delivered to your home or place of work. Each student with an specific plan, totally personalized according to your wishes. However all students will have in common, a friendly approach method as joyful as possible, cause a relaxed atmosphere helps to think and learn more effectively. Results are measured regularly, in order to get in the right path to success, getting rid of previous barriers. ​

Private Tutoring in Languages

The benefits of private tutoring could seem obvious, there are many though, so I would extract the main ones in the following paragraphs, with the intention to clarify, why this approach is convenient for any student, who is willing to get results, in a comfortable way.

Main benefits

 1.Progressing fast
 If the entire time is devoted to a student, the amount of high productive lessons, can’t be matched by any other teaching method.      
2.Learning for a specific purpose
Whether lessons are needed for traveling, joy, emigration plans, working   reasons or trying to pass an exam, there’s always a specially designed program to satisfy the individual needs of the learner.
3.Learn at your own pace
This point is quite an important one. The ability of focusing more time in     complicated subjects, while moving faster in the ones easier to the student
,optimizing all efforts. 
4.Productive environment
Learning from your office or home, without distractions, also if the student is a little bit shy and nervous of a class situation, conducts to a relaxed atmosphere, in which it is clearly easier to absorb new information. 
5.Building relations
A practical and effective part of having a learning  method with a private language tutor, is that in time it builds relations which are valuable to comprehend another culture, mentality and interpretations that belong exactly to the new language in the process of learning.

Distance Learning Option

It is also provided a service of Distance Learning with a native tutor either in English or Spanish. This is not just Skype talks and end of the story. All the advantages of technology, are taken into account, mixed with the traditional teaching methods. This means that an entire method is included, with the exchange of audio visual materials and home exercises, with full attention in having everything worked and ready, before the video classes take place​.

Main Benefits
1. Location and time
For students, it means an immense freedom in combination with time limitations.  
This specially applies to people who often move from place to place.
2. Listening and speaking skills
The learner automatically concentrates more on listening, so the experience will be mainly auditory. This grows confidence for both speaking and listening, and it stops the student from relying parts on body language.
3. File transfers, sharing multimedia and giving examples
Sitting near a computer means more flexibility. The tutor can instantly transfer files or documents that can be very relevant. This level of accuracy can only be managed on-line. 
4. The opportunity of combining face to face with e-learning lessons 
Quite self explanatory, getting the best from both worlds depending on the student’s convenience.