Hello there! I’m Francis, I’ve got dual nationality, British and Spanish and I just wanted to share a little bit of my background, avoiding writing an entire book for that! I’m British from mother’s side and Spanish from father’s. Mother from Manchester England father from Madrid.

I grew as a child in Toledo, an historic city former capital of Spain declared World Heritage city by UNESCO. 
As a child I also spent time in England. After school I decided to do a Business degree in Australia, concretely in a city called Perth, full of interesting natural landmarks and a modern society.  

After completing my studies I lived and worked in England and Ireland, from where  I made my Postgraduate in Bilingual International Business Studies. 
Soon I realized, when I was working as a Key Account Manager that my real vocation were education and languages, actually I was teaching English and Spanish for many years, in different places and countries, though like a second occupation.

I decided to become a full time professional, so I left everything else to focus on teaching. I got official training and diplomas for it, for example T.E.F.L for English and D.E.L.E for Spanish from Instituto Cervantes, and since then I’m quite proud to have formed hundreds of students, from different levels and nations. I have participated in Publications, Research and even conducted Summer Campus.

I am also a Professional Executive Coach, and I have experience with some of the biggest companies in Europe and Russia as well as top managers.
I must point out, that it wouldn’t be possible to be a good professional unless you love teaching and feel rewarded by it. I always joke, that since I’m a professional language’s teacher and out of the pure business sphere, I’m much nicer! 
​Now I’m living in Moscow, where I tend to live for long years, interesting place full of interesting facts and contrasts. 

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