English Language Facts

English is currently one of the most spoken and written languages all over the world with more than 380,000,000 native speakers. Though the main facts about English language are not exclusively statistical but influential. As it is considered the common international language worldwide. 

English is the most widely learned second language and it’s the world reference for broadcasting, reunions, science and international industry. Three quarters of the world’s emails, telexes and other ways of communications in English.
More than half of the planet’s technical and scientific periodicals are in English. More than 80% of the information stored in computers is in English. 

Spanish Language Facts

The importance of Spanish language is undeniable. Spanish is spoken by more than 420,000,000 native speakers, if we sum the ones that speak Spanish as their second language we get more than 530,000,000 Spanish speakers world wide. ​​

This makes Spanish as the second most spoken language in the world after Chinese Mandarin with the difference that Spanish is spoken in many more countries. Spanish is also the third   most used language  in the public media including all formats, television, internet, radio and traditional paper publications. The importance as a language of Business has increased non stop in the last decades, due to the  fact of  the growth of Latin American countries, a potentially big market. 
Castilian Spanish is the authority widely followed by all Spanish speaking countries. In other words “castellano” from Spain. 

Just having a look at these facts about English and Spanish languages we obviously can conclude that with the knowledge of both, many doors open to the serious student, at cultural, practical, traveling and professional levels.