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               Individualized test according to the student’s needs to see where he is and his language medium term targets.

After identifying the client’s goals. Processes, plans to work and studies together are designed exclusively for each student.

Once everything is clear the process starts with customized learning methods following them strictly.

Finally monitoring key performance indicators at 4-week intervals, adjusting strategies as needed. Monthly tests.

Languages with a Native Tutor

From starters from scratch to advanced students, the choice of learning a language with a native professional teacher offers unlimited benefits which extensive research has proven.A foreign language is a whole new system with unique rules, etymology and meaning.     




“Mr. Thompson delivered everything he promised. Our customer satisfaction levels are at an all-time high!”
Andrei Dizhevsky 

“Francis gave me enough confidence from day one to start learning English and Spanish from zero with very good results, step by step”
Svetlana Komarova

“I knew English before, but I am very grateful to Francis, with his coaching approach I eliminated the language barrier for the first time, while improving my knowledge, with him I had a tutor and a guide”
Pavel Stepanov